To maintain brightness and to remove any tarnish on silver pieces, we suggest using a polishing cloth once in a while. It is very normal and near impossible to avoid getting scratches on the metal surface of your piece. Please understand this is not a fault. Your Mea Culpa piece may need to be re-polished over time. Mea Culpa offers a free, professional polishing service, with postage at the customer’s expense. A good polish can smooth scratches, but Mea Culpa is not responsible for dents and deep scratches. 

Avoid wearing your jewellery in swimming pools, spas, the ocean etc. This is because water can speed up the tarnishing process and saltwater and chlorine can even damage the metal.


Gold plated pieces need extra care to keep the plating from coming off or getting tarnished. Avoid using perfume or other cosmetics on the area you’re wearing your jewellery. Wearing plated jewellery in the shower, spa, pool or ocean etc will damage the plating. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner or any harsh chemicals to clean a plated piece. To prevent tarnishing in between wears wipe off any residue (makeup, perfume, sweat etc) and store your jewellery away from sunlight and moisture in an air tight box or even in a zip lock bag. If your Mea Culpa piece needs re-plating this can be arranged for a fee, please email to make an enquiry.


Avoid spraying perfume on the area you’re wearing pearls, as it can damage the surface. Safely store your pearl jewellery in a soft cloth, pouch or lined box and seperate from other pieces to avoid denting or scratching the pearls. Use a soft cloth (such as a microfiber cloth) to remove any residue (cosmetics, sweat, perfume etc). Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner or any harsh chemicals to clean pearls.